About Par28

About Par 28

Our Team and Story

The Par28 Story

Par28 captures fun, excitement, great food and a next level golf experience within its historic 10,000 plus square foot facility located in the blossoming landscape of Salem, NH. 200+ golf courses eagerly await our guests, including the scenic greens of Pebble Beach or the historic fairways of St. Andrews. We didn’t stop there! Our facility also holds 8 state of the art axe throwing lanes to maximize your fun! And what’s fun without food? We pair all our exciting activities with the Tomacchio’s unparalleled success in the restaurant industry as they also bring Rae’s Coal Fired Pizza to you! Come play a round with us or ask us about an axe lane! If nothing else, come see the 800-gallon shark tank! We will see you soon.

The Par28 Team

The Par28 team is a group of passionate entreprenuers and family members.

Joe Tomacchio - Par28

Joe Tomacchio

Joe Tomacchio is a locally raised business owner & entrepreneur, residing in Salem NH. Joe is also an avid golfer with a relatable obsession for the sport. Par28 brings Joe’s passion to life. His goal is to bring the best possible golf experience to everyone who walks through the doors at Par28.

Paul Tomacchio - Par28

Paul Tomacchio

Paul Tomacchio is an American celebrity chef and entrepreneur. Based in Haverhill, Ma, he has served the community through his hotspot eateries such as Stacks and Stuft. Born and raised in The Valley by 3rd generation Italian immigrants, he is eager to serve up his take on the perfect pizza.

jimmy Tomacchio - Par28

Jimmy Tomacchio

Jimmy Tomacchio is a locally raised business owner & entrepreneur. Jimmy is the founder of Rae’s Coal Fired with his wife Rachel (Rae). With his knowledge of craft beer and love for pizza, he wants every customer that enters these doors to feel refreshed. Jimmy is a junior to his father Jim. Not only did Jimmy give his father his first grandson, but he also donated a kidney to him. Jimmy also named his son James III. The name lives on!

Jim Tomacchio - Par28

Jim Tomacchio

Jim Tomacchio is the father of Jimmy, Anthony, Joe, and Paul. He paved the way for his sons to have a career that they enjoy. Being the owner of 5 successful businesses, Par28 is the biggest one yet. After receiving a brand-new kidney from his son Jimmy, Jim has never worked as hard as he did with getting Par28 ready. Say hello when you see him sitting at the bar or taking some swings in a golf bay!